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Top Digital Marketing strategies during Coronavirus



Thursday, June 25, 2020

As social distancing becomes the new norm, consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices using digital platforms and social networks. During this time brands and businesses need to connect with consumers online to sustain their digital marketing activity and brand awareness in the market.

To receive more traffic, more leads, and to grow your brand, you need to have the best digital marketing strategy that suits your online business as well as to understand the best digital marketing channels and the cost you need to invest in the channel.

A recent study was conducted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in UAE. It states that the new normal has led to these changes in consumer behavior:

  1. Online grocery shopping is the new norm: In UAE, online grocery shopping was at its peak between March to May 2020. Online card payments for groceries saw 316 % year on year growth in April. Popular search queries include “online grocery” and “grocery delivery”.

  2. Trending Online Courses: To improve skills and knowledge, search for “online courses” peaked in April before falling in May.

  3. Staycation is the new vacation: As summer months begin and travel ban continues, “staycation” searches increased.

Brands need to further explore digital media to plan stronger digital marketing strategies now. Whether your goal is getting more traffic, leads, brand awareness, or growing your business you need the best digital marketing strategy that suits your online business.

Below are some digital marketing strategies relevant in 2022. The digital marketing strategies you can focus on include:

  • PPC or Search Engine Marketing: With the increase in online traffic and fewer advertisers, search ads are cheaper. Based on a study, paid ads produce higher ROI going from 31% to 53%, that is a 71% increase in ROI. It is a great opportunity to gain market share and increase traffic to your website. This will result in more conversion rates and brand awareness with a suitable budget.

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO: It is important to keep optimizing your website regularly to stay ahead in search engine results (SERPs). Competition may decrease due to uncertainty, so it is your chance to show your presence and value to customers. SEO is a long term process, so develop your SEO strategies and do not pause your SEO campaigns. It is a perfect time for your brand to stay competitive and maintain a high ranking.

  • Promotions: It’s a good time to offer your customers special discounts and promotions. It will keep your brand on top of the consumer’s mind and generate more sales. Think of the right offer that will attract customers without affecting the brand image.

  • Ad spends focus: Ad spends on online grocery, gaming and food delivery are yielding a high ROI as the industries flourish. This can provide benefits in the long run even when conditions return to normal.

  • Social Media Marketing: Currently, social media engagement with consumers is beneficial to brands. Brands can create a lasting impact through an effective campaign strategy and creative content. This can lead to better sales when restrictions ease. It is also important to be more socially responsible towards your consumers during this crisis. Brands can show empathy through social campaigns such as social distancing awareness and should highlight their safety practices to gain consumers’ trust.

  • Video Marketing: Brands can create interactive creative content such as animated videos, tips, how to about their products and services
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  • Interactive content: It is a great way to connect with your target audience such as 360 degrees videos, AR/VR, Quizzes, Polls, Questions]


As social distancing continues, businesses are using this opportunity to connect with their audience through personalized communication. This builds a strong foundation and online brand presence in the market.

Brands, now more than ever need to understand the importance of e-commerce, online marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, and search campaigns.

Do you want to know which digital marketing strategies can work best for your brand? Check out our Digital Marketing solutions and do get in touch with us.

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