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Is Performance Marketing at ITCAN Any Good? 4 Reasons Why.



Saturday, June 4, 2022

Due to the increased dependency on online platforms since COVID-19, the digital marketing landscape has massively transformed. Channels and campaigns have evolved to the point where the selection and composition of an agency’s marketing technology platform is as important as the marketers who work within it.

In all cases, performance marketing is still proven to be the most effective marketing strategy in scaling reach, engagement, and conversion of new buyers in new markets at a lower cost, lower risk, and much higher ROI than any other marketing channel. However, in a hyper-competitive business environment, it is becoming more challenging to remain competent. Here is why ITCAN is the best performance marketing agency in Dubai and in the region:

The Partnership Mentality 

On multiple levels, we have a thorough understanding of e-commerce platforms and its upcoming trends.Throughout the years, we have gained an enriched experience while working very closely with some of the best brands in Dubai, from scratch, untill they became leaders in the market (like Mumzworld, Ounass, LOccitane, and many more).

In addition, the client’s image is ours as well, therefore we are always keen to give advice that are up to the minute, and work perpetually on improving the clients’ brand image, starting from the products, to the platform, to the user experience, and finally the offer that will utmiately provide optimum results to our client.

Moreover, we have a clear understanding on how to grow sustainably with the client to allow them to scale the logistics, customer service, payment processing, etc. In short, the ecommerce field has many touch points that are not related to marketing itself, but we partner with the client for the win-win outcome.

The Well Founded Affiliate Program 

ITCAN’s affiliate program is well-known for its steady and consistent performance, especially during rough times. Under all circumstances, we have always provided our clients with alternatives that ensure high traffic and increased sales and orders that are significant. This is mainly due to our understanding of the market, especially the UAE and Saudi market, as well as, our established relationships with the affiliates and influencers that aid us to obtain great deals a client may not be able to get from them on their own. Besides to our crisp knowledge of the market and the affiliates, we also have a resourceful product analysis team that senses the right the right time and the right product to push to market and how to communicate the Ad messaging of the products specific to  given criteria.

Over and above, our flexibility with the client and the affiliates. There is no one right way to provide our services, starting from the dashboards to the tracking process, what suits the client and the demographics is what we provide. 

The above insights prove the well structured procedure we follow to provide the best experience to our clients. We carefully hand-pick credible affiliates, with well grounded networks that know how to use their channels at disposal creatively to reach the maximum consumers as possible. Our affiliates include Tabby, Waffarha, Sahseh, Wadi coupons and many more prominent ones. Moreover, we design and review the affiliate marketing campaigns progressively to determine whether buyers are first-time, lapsed, or existing consumers, and then tailor the campaign to the segments that are converting the most. Here are some stats from our latest Black Friday performance: 

 affiliate marketing

Commission achieved, AED 1.1m in Nov 2021 (commission more than doubled from the previous month).
251 active affiliates bringing orders (compared to 179 active affiliates in the previous month).
Top offer – Sephora (AED 104k in profit). 
Last week of Nov itself (24/11-30/11): we generated $120k in commission and $44k in profit. 

The Quality

We are always looking for the channels that would preserve the brand image of the client, away from any shady affiliate marketing activities that would be detrimental to the client’s brand. Things like brands bidding, fake social media pages, bots spamming on social media, or even targeting the brands’ followers with unneeded messages are carefully avoided for increased credibility and accurate collection of organic results. The terms and conditions for acquiring our affiliates are rigid as we are keen to provide high quality affiliate marketing strategies. ITCAN strongly believes that the right performance marketing tactics can generate maximum return to the client. This is because performance marketing provide the tools to manage and track results from various available data, control campaigns, and increase real-time capabilities to scale reach and conversions. 

Performance-based Influencer Marketing 

ITCAN acknowledges  the importance of influencer marketing and the high traffic it generates for the channels. Influencer-based performance marketing is a crucial way to build affinity with the audience as it provides reality and relatability to the product and the brand image. 

Because consumers require multiple touchpoints with a brand in order to convert, influencer content enhanced by performance marketing combines the best of both of these powerful marketing strategies. Influencers are the creators of your content. They create native ads that are more likely to resonate with consumers, which can improve your advertising performance and overall conversion. Analysts can then identify the most effective influencer content and create paid ads to reach a specific target group. Because influencer content is perceived to be more authentic, it frequently leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Our paid campaigns possess unique added values that ensure high performance results. Those added values include:  

  • Our  influencers come from a performance marketing background therefore our influencer campaigns are based on the performance data of the influencers. 

  • Our product analysis of the back-end team of the campaign contributes to the success of the campaign and gives clients clear insights and directions on their product.

  • We are capable of running an average of 600 influencer ads per month for our clients.

Moreover, in ITCAN, we handle the paid media campaigns from A-Z (from selecting the most suitable influencers to scripting, designing and executing the whole campaign). This provides a double agent factor that results in a stronger performance-based influencer marketing techniques that leads to higher conversions. 

To sum up, we have exhibited the four main reasons of why we think we provide one of the best performance marketing services in the region, however, with us there is always more of what we can offer to our clients as we customize our services to suits your needs, both as clients and as affiliates. If you want to maximize your revenue, scale your profits and transform your ecommerce into an ultimate online business powerhouse in the MENA region, please contact us below! 

Also, you can refer to our performance marketing Success Data or 2021, and the solutions we provide below: 

Success Data of 2021

In the Year of 2021, our performance marketing team striked the order growth and the revenue  for our clients: 

80+ Clients > 2M+ Order Growth > 1 Billion Client Revenue. 

Our Solutions

What contributed massively to our success in performance marketing is that in each solution we provide, we are putting the clients’ consumers first. We learn who your audience is, how they behave, and what motivates them to engage, and then let the data drive us to the appropriate channel strategy that fits your business.

We provide a wide array of performance marketing solutions, including: 

1- Cost Per Sale (CPS)

2- Cost Per Order (CPO) 

3- Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

4- Cost Per Install (CPI) 

5- Cost Per Lead (CPL) 

6- Cost to Income Ratio (CIR) 

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