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Affiliate Marketing Strategies for E-Commerces



Thursday, February 25, 2021

After an unstable year of economic uncertainty and a change in consumer behavior. Online shopping is ruling in the shopping scene. 

Affiliate Marketing remains a constant digital marketing strategy for ecommerce businesses. It’s successful due to its pay-per-sale business model, where brands only pay for performance and results.

To master affiliate marketing for E- Commerce sales, here’s the Affiliate Marketing Checklist :

1- Communication with Affiliates

Affiliates can be bloggers, publishers/ influencers/ DM Specialist or Coupon Websites. Communication with Affiliates is key for successful affiliate marketing campaigns. It’s necessary to provide them with full affiliate program description, terms and conditions, branding, logos and brand’s tone of voice.

Affiliate Marketing

2-Promotions in Affiliate Marketing

Understand which times are the peak of shopping. Notice which products or categories are highly demanded to focus on them in your campaign.

Get creative with your promotional messages and let your affiliates follow your creative concept. Encourage customers to buy easily with Free Shipping offers and let the affiliates highlight this offer. Remember to provide affiliates with the right discount codes and landing pages.

3-Maintain loyal Affiliates

As competition increases, determine your top performing affiliates in your affiliate network and boost their loyalty. Provide them with exclusive coupons to offer unique offers to their audience. Consider offering them a bonus for high performance to remain competitive.

Maximize your sales by offering high commission rates for your top affiliates. Tailor incentives according to each affiliate segment. 

Affiliate Marketing

4-Create the best landing pages for Affiliate Marketing.

Develop engaging text ads and banners on your E-commerce website’s landing page to guide customers to take action. For better conversion rates, direct consumers to specific product categories they’re looking for instead of the homepage. 

Make sure the landing page can handle the increased traffic on the website. Remember to make your landing pages mobile-friendly for mobile shoppers. A smooth shopping experience on the website will increase your conversion rate and maximize your sales.

5-Pixel Testing

Test network tracking pixel ahead of peak times to ensure all order scenarios are tracking right. Hence, tracking all orders and conversions in real time.

 Also, conversion tracking can help you learn about your consumers buying trends like the average order value and number of items. 

In a nutshell, make sure to follow this checklist for a successful affiliate strategy for Ecommerce on Black Friday. From preparing top performing Affiliates lists and following up with them to preparing your landing pages and promotions. 

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