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Social Media Influencers and their impact on brands



Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Social Media Influencers are one of the most successful digital marketing strategies today. As we all know it, influencer marketing is the new celebrity endorsement for brands. Strategies are ever-evolving in the digital marketing world, and digital marketers need to be adaptive to the dynamic nature of the industry.

Brands use the power of social media influencers all the time to impact the purchasing decisions of their target customers. Social media influencers have a strong relationship with their audience and the ability to influence the audience buying behavior.

So let us get a closer look at how social media influencers benefit brands : 

1- Social Media Influencers are natural storytellers

Due to the personal and emotional stories influencers share with their audience, they build a strong bond. Social media influencers do not just tell people what to buy but more importantly how to live. People are influenced by the lifestyle of different types of social media influencers.

As social media influencers tell stories to their audience they integrate brand stories. So it is easier for brands to communicate with their target customers through these social media influencers as they already trust them. They simply act as brand ambassadors.

Social Media Influencers

2- Social Media Influencers build trust 

Think of all the times when you decide to dine in a restaurant. What impacted your decision? Was it your friend who dined in that restaurant and loved their meal? Maybe your friend was influenced by their favorite social media blogger!

We are all influenced by people we trust and influencers are people who manage to build trust over time. Social media influencers should choose the products they market wisely. Bad customer experience might change their trust towards the influencer.

According to Forbes micro-influencers are the future of digital marketing because of the personal relationship they have with their audience.

3- Influencer Marketing generates high ROI for campaigns

The goal of every marketing campaign is ROI. Influencer Marketing campaigns can help achieve multiple business objectives: reaching the target audience, raising brand awareness, or boosting sales.

4- Instagram is the most important channel for Social Media Influencers

Instagram is now considered the most important channel for Influencer Marketing. Instagram recently added the feature to swipe up to link to influencer’s outside content. Instagram Influencers might use stories to convert customers to a product’s page to buy using their promo code. This makes stories a perfect tool for converting traffic and sales.

Social Media Influencers

5- Different methods of promotions 

Gifts and giveaways: Brands send influencers products and they arrange a contest with their followers. This brings a good exposure for the brand and products.

Sponsored posts: Influencers promote products and services through sponsored posts.

Video content: Influencers use conversational video content which is appealing to their followers.

Social Media Influencers


 Influencers are an incredibly amazing method and channel to build trust between brands and customers. They are entrepreneurs who possess skills and strategies that are guaranteed to bring a brand the success it deserves.

To know the best Influencer Marketing strategy and the right mix of influencers channels that can boost your business in the Middle East, connect with us! Also, learn more about the growth of influencers in Saudi Arabia and the GCC.
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