Will PWA Replace Native Apps?



Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What is the PWA?

PWA is an abbreviation for Progressive Website App. Progressive Web Apps use modern web abilities to deliver an app-like user experience. 

A PWA is a hybrid of regular web pages and native apps. It combines the features offered by modern browsers with the benefits of a mobile experience. 

It is an application built using common website technologies like HTML, Javascript, and CSS. It acts like an actual mobile app, that gives PWAs a competitive edge over native apps that are difficult to develop. 
Additionally, PWA includes most of the native app features, such as push notifications, offline support, tracking unique analytics, Geolocation, etc. A PWA is installable on the browser home screen making progressive websites more memory friendly.

What is a Native App?

A Native App is an application built for a mobile device. Specific operating systems like Android or IOS are running native apps once built. A Native App needs specific programming languages like Java or swift for development. 

Post-development, it has to be submitted and reviewed by Google Play or App Store. Ensuring that it meets all platforms’ standards. 

Native apps offer greater engagement for brands and businesses. That is why they are always seeking to have their own native app launched on app marketplaces. 

It is much easier to re-engage with your users since they have installed your app, leading to an increase in the chances of converting their usage into sales or conversions.
The decision taken by the users to install your mobile app has never been that hard. Most likely they are your biggest fans who have a great interest in your business. Apps can offer a satisfying experience greatly benefiting the brand.

Native Apps

Native apps download numbers show that it did not slow down, as the download numbers indicate. However, Progressive Web Applications are becoming a much more popular option.

Advantages of PWA over Native Apps (PWA vs Native App)

Native Apps

6 ways PWA can benefit your business :


PWAs are designed to work on any device type users have either phones or tablets or even desktops. PWAs leverage responsive website features and progressive enhancements.

An interface is created according to the user’s internet connection. It first shows basic and core content and features like HTML files and images. Advanced features can be shown if the user’s internet connection meets with the expected requirements. 
Users then enjoy a better digital experience and faster navigation while shopping online.


PWA is integrated with Google Analytics thus providing unique insights on offline browsing behavior

Knowing your users’ behavior will enable your business to show them the kind of products they have shown an interest in. 

Also tracking these unique analytics will help marketers to target potential users more easily in their campaigns. That will affect website traffic and engagement rate and facilitate the process of re-targeting.


PWAs always provide up to date content due to the service worker update process. It does not have to be uploaded by the user. An automatic update happens at the back end and it is reflected on the user’s screen. 

Thus, resulting in saving effort and memory space on your device, as users do not need to download the updated version as is the case with native apps.


Push notification feature is a unique advantage for PWAs compared to other website types. It allows businesses to communicate with their users while they are online or offline.

It appears exactly like a native app notification and can be sent at any time, even if the web browser isn’t open. 

Businesses can communicate with their users and offer product promotions with push notifications to improve customer engagement and retention.


Along with better engagement e-commerce stores can increase conversion rates by having a Progressive Web Application. 

The smooth user experience and simplified checkout process can result in higher conversions and average order value.

Being time efficient and decreasing the effort needed for users to make an online purchase can reflect dramatic results.


PWAs are flexible in selecting the payment providers for their users. While mobile apps may have some restrictions to choosing a certain payment option. 

Due to the Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology that provides a secure payment transfer and stronger data protection. This results in a secure checkout process. It is a really important factor for users and for the brand as well.

If users feel secure while providing their personal information on your website, it will reflect on customer retention, trust, and credibility.

Importance of Technology Transformation.

PWA is considered the most important move in today’s world due to the rising competition and active mobile users. It makes the decision of downloading a mobile app much more difficult than ever.

E-Commerce platforms are using the latest web technologies in order to meet online shoppers’ demands. This strategy increases website traffic, conversions, and average order value. It also helps retain existing customers that had previously enjoyed their buying journey and user experience. What is more important than investing in technology development nowadays!

People use their mobile phones instead of any other tool to shop online. Businesses should provide an interface that facilitates accessing their website through mobile phones. So they won’t be away from the competition. 

All websites can be turned into a progressive web app.

 If you already have a website, you can build a PWA rather quickly!

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