E-Commerce Optimization for a successful Black Friday 2022



Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The biggest shopping season is around the corner. While customers wait for Black Friday offers all year long, brands are competing for market share during these campaigns.

More customers are looking for easy online shopping experiences. The e-commerce stores with optimized websites and mobile applications are going to make a difference this Black Friday. 

In what ways can an ecommerce website and mobile app be optimized? Ensure your e-commerce website or mobile app is ready for Black Friday through this e-commerce optimization checklist :

Optimize your E-Commerce website for mobile

Now, m-commerce is the new e-commerce, as online shopping through mobile rules on Black Friday, e-commerces must be mobile optimized.

Why do online shoppers abandon their shopping carts before check out?

What is the reason behind the lost online sales? Several studies have mentioned slow loading mobile websites as the main reason. Google discovered that 53% percent of shoppers will leave the mobile websites if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Try using the  Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. 


Stress test the E-Commerce website

Stress testing is monitoring your website performance under high traffic situations like Black Friday. It is essential to know what risks to expect during the heavy season Black Friday. This leads to better user experience and satisfied customers which means more sales!

And this year the Black Friday is extended almost entirely across the month of November!

Big clickable buttons

Most online shoppers use their thumbs while scrolling through mobile websites. Make sure buttons are big and clear to prevent people from clicking the wrong page. When buttons are too small, users feel frustrated trying to reach the page they want.

Call to action buttons

Online shoppers need guidance through their mobile shopping experience. Call to action buttons are essential in every step of the process. Consider adding a “Buy now” call to action to lead the customer to checkout. Also, “continue shopping” is an important button to allow customers to add more items while saving their cart. 

Simplify the registration process

Sometimes a lengthy registration process can cause customers to leave the website. A great way to simplify the process is to allow users to check out as guests. So they won’t have to provide much information or fill long forms. This will encourage customers to check out immediately without abandoning their cart. 


E-Commerce Website security

It’s essential to have an SSL certificate which is a digital ID card that verifies the website’s authenticity. This step will ensure the customers that their credit cards and personal information are safe on your website. Hence, you’ll achieve more sales and registrations. 

Digital Wallet feature

Digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Visa Checkout and Paypal One-Touch secure your customers’ credit cards. They can be used safely in one click whenever they want to buy something online and can multiply conversion rates.


On call support team

During this heavy shopping season, customers will have questions, returns and other issues more than usual. Also, your IT team should be ready to detect errors, manage inventory and fix any possible bugs. 


To sum up, integrating this checklist into your Black Friday e-commerce strategy will transform your sales on Black Friday. It is essential to implement this checklist before Black Friday for a successful season.

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