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Thursday, September 17, 2020

One of the ways you get the first feel of ITCAN’s workplace culture is during a candidate’s onboarding process. We work on enhancing this experience each time and develop it to be unique and personal to the new joiner. 

During a new ITCANNER’s first day, we ask that they take their time to meet team members through the onboarding game. The purpose of this is to promote the understanding of every department and understanding the function of the person. In ITCAN we believe in working cross-functionally and you will see this happen a lot. Even if we are in different divisions of the company we believe and promote ideas being shared together as one big team. 

Knowledge, Innovation and Relations are after all the main pillars of our values.


Our values were initially developed when we were just a new start up : Innovation, Relations, and Knowledge. When more of us ITCANNERs started to join we tried to build on our mission statement and values. We held sessions with groups of ITCANNERs and took into account everyone’s feedback to build on the three main pillars and developed them into so much more. 

ITCAN’s Unique and innovative team outings are at the core of our cultural activities.

If you speak about ideas it is something that you find ITCAN will always encourage you to do. ITCAN will constantly push your ideas and creativity to new heights. We try to be unique in our own way by arranging a small company outing every month. 

 During the winter months, we try to enjoy the weather with Kayaking, BBQs or Hikes and so on. Obviously this is currently on pause right now but we still meet each other on zoom for games, activities, celebrations and it has been one of the ways we adjusted to working remotely.

When we speak about good company culture it’s not just all monthly outings and team lunches. We always make it a point to celebrate each and every person’s achievements in the company on their birthday, anniversaries, graduations. We believe that happy employees are indeed successful ones.


For birthdays we have our designers make a specialized card, create a Whatsapp group to buy the ITCANNER something unique and all pitch in to buy them a gift. We then join in together to celebrate all the birthdays of that month with their gifts and cards. We adjusted this when we started working remotely to having digital cards, and a virtual game to celebrate.


We have slowly but surely built a few customs in ITCAN that you too will find yourself doing these things. If knowing someone is having a stressful week trying to give them a small note with tea, coffee or some treats. 

We eat together, we support each other, we try to do random acts of kindness for each other and all of this has slowly become the type of positive company culture we have in the office, where every individual is unique and special to us. 

“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”

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