Product/Project Manager


Job Brief
Product management is the process of managing the software that is built and implemented as a product, taking into account life-cycle considerations and generally with a wide audience. It is the discipline and business process which governs a product from its inception to the market or customer delivery and service in order to maximize revenue.

- Identify opportunities, build product vision and understand market needs, roadmap, and strategy
- Ability to understand technical challenges and make educated trade-offs with your team.
- Work with technology team to produce world-class products driven by technology visionaries, domain experts, and customers
- Own product specifications, requirements, and release plans
- Research customer and user needs, write user stories, partner with user experience team for rapid prototyping, and work with the team to develop marketable products
- Participate in user conferences and customer-facing situations as a product expert
- Collect and synthesize inputs from sales, business units
- Partner with cross-functional teams to ensure quality product output, timeliness, and client requirements
- Be the Company’s Product Evangelist
- Maintain changes in tactics and marketing strategy, take cognizance of competitive activities and general trends that could affect sales of products
- Propose product strategy changes as a result of competitive changes in the marketplace
- Optimize and manage market share, long-term competitiveness cum ROI of the product line
- Recommend optimum distribution channel strategies
- Team up with design engineers and visit customers to propose product solution
- Contribute to and create other marketing communications strategies

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