Script Writer


Job Brief
As a Script Writer, this position will include you assisting the Influencer Marketing Team with the \different influencer marketing to ensure campaign success and completion that is mainly to focus on Concept Development & Script Writing. You will be required to work in our Influencer Marketing Team to support their social media marketing campaigns.

- Developing concepts and scriptwriting for campaigns and social platforms that include the following tasks:
- Research about the latest concepts of writing wording and techniques.
- Customize every concept to the targeted audience.
- Brainstorm new, creative approaches to influencer campaigns
- Conduct online research, analyze data to help develop implications and recommendations.
- Organize folders and update documents.
- Manage, Review, assess, and organize the department’s projects as requested.
- Check content for accuracy and ensure that it complies with copyright and privacy regulations.

Requirements to Apply
- Background in Marketing, Writing Skills, Advertising in Social media platforms.
- Work experience is not important - BUT - you must be intensely passionate and looking to build your career in this field.
- Fluent in both Arabic and English (writing, reading, speaking)
- Excellent ability to research through social media.
- Ability to think outside the box and think creatively.
- Passionate learner about trending marketing channels and e-commerce sites.
- Naturally sociable, friendly and approachable personality
- Strong analytical and creative writing skills
- Comfortable with Google Drive, Excel, Google Sheets, etc
- Understand the use of keywords, hyperlinks, and navigation
- Highly organized and collate multiple materials from multiple sources and produce web content within tight deadlines.

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