What creates a good company culture



Thursday, October 1, 2020

Culture is everywhere. It is the way we communicate, it is the values we hold, it is even the way we work with others. A company culture is the way everyone in the company behaves and the rituals in the office. When a certain way of behaving, solving issues and a shared mindset are present in a work environment, it becomes the company culture over time. 

Why does a company need a culture?

The culture in a company determines how people treat each other, react to change and overcome challenges.

In the past it was widely believed that company cultures are something that happen by itself and that the people in the company decide its direction. 

However over the past decade, the focus of People Operations functions and managers has shifted from the operations of a company to including the attitudes and behaviors within the office. 

company culture

Managers have started to realize that a company culture is something that can be guided and used to make everyone in the company feel valued. Company cultures no longer are a phenomenon that just happens, but something that managers can change and set goals for. 

So, How do you create a positive company culture? Here’s our style

  • CLEAR VISION: Our management has a clear vision on what our culture should be like right now, and 5 years from now. Here at ITCAN, we focus on employee engagement, teamwork, continuous learning and innovation. 

  • KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATION, RELATIONS : Our values are the same in all locations because our values were created by our ITCANNERs. We all came together and chose the values that represent our unique company culture that would help us achieve better results in the future. We came up with Knowledge, Innovation and Relations. Our values are not just values, it is a way of living that stays with our ITCANNERs even after they go home from work.

company culture
  • POSITIVE MINDSET:  We encourage a positive work culture by looking for opportunities, by avoiding complaining and by avoiding comparison. This mindset is what makes our culture an empowering culture improving employee performance. ITCANNERs have the freedom to implement ideas, the support and guidance to keep learning and the team to uplift each other.

  • FUN & ACTIVITIES : Creating a good workplace culture also includes taking time off for fun. It makes people feel like they are valued when you go out for outings and when the values are included into a fun game or activity instead of a set of words people have to memorize. 

  • INDIVIDUAL & SUPPORTIVE APPROACH: An individual approach to management can really help change a company culture around for the better as well. Knowing when work is a priority and when a team member is a priority is important. 

As a manager, when you take a supportive approach when someone makes a mistake, or you listen to an idea someone has, you are not just being a good manager, you are also investing into and building a positive company culture.



Building a culture of compassion, knowledge and achievement starts at the top. One person can plan a culture, but when done together, it is more likely to last. The success of a business depends on the workforce and a successful workforce depends on the culture that is created through Knowledge, Innovation and Values.

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