November 12, 2020

Team Building Activities, the ITCAN Way

Fardosa Qassim
Fardosa Qassim
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“The secret to a successful company is the right team spirit.” This article reflects on the need for team building activities.

Why are team building activities important?

Team building activities are essential for a team to bond and have fun together outside of work. It gives team members an opportunity to get to know each other and build a bond that is strong.

One of the most powerful reasons for team building is to build a collaborative team, we plan our team building events in a fun and motivational way and with a clear purpose, teams build skills like teamwork, communication, planning, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

How do we do team activities at ITCAN?

We go out together for a monthly team outing to bond. We have also created a tradition of a yearly barbeque picnic during the winter and playing puzzles together. Additionally, we organize games for each office to connect and also games for all our team members together across all our offices in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India and United Arab Emirates.

We believe that going to work should not be about simply completing tasks, but also about knowing there is always room for creativity and fun!

During our team building activities, we play fun, creative and interactive activities for different purposes.

  • Collaboration: Hangman
  • Communication: Charades and lip sync challenges
  • Energizers: Quizzes

We have even incorporated our company values by creating interesting activities and themes  based on them. For example, one of our values is : Don’t complain, seek opportunities. We have created an exercise where one person would state a complaint, and another team member would state an opportunity within that.

This allowed our team members to practice this value together and helped in understanding our value!

Earlier this year while working remotely, we conducted interactive sessions virtually on Zoom. We had lunch together every week as well as energizers during Ramadan to have a space where team members could take a break with a fun game! We also have games such as a Game Monk extension on Slack available for members to play. We send polls out as well with fun quizzes for team members to participate in. Our ITCANNERs love healthy competition and love playing games.

We believe our focus on team building activities has helped bring the ITCAN team  together, develop new skills, foster creativity, and enhance trust and communication.


The key to a good team building activity is a game where there is a concept of winning while keeping a good team spirit.
And, this is how we do our team building activities at ITCAN!

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