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Exploring Influence: How Micro-Influencers Shape the UAE Market


Haya Gamal

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

When one thinks of the United Arab Emirates, an instant thought of cultural diversity
comes to mind. It is a thought of aromatic scents, friendly smiles, and impressive architecture
mixed with a welcoming people whose one of their lifetime objectives is to be the providers of
excellence and a fine quality of everything. This objective can be traced in the rise of
micro-influencers on social media platforms in the UAE. These influencers play a significant
role in shaping consumer behavior as well as refine the lifetime objective of the Emirati people.

Who Are Micro-Influencers?

Generally, there are 4 types of influencers in the market; mega influencers,
macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and Nano influencers. To fall under one category, the
follower count is a deciding factor. Micro-influencers are those whose follower count is from
1,000 to 100,000 followers. The influencers of this category have a unique relationship with their followers; one that we can regard as that of a leader, or even that of a friend.

The connection between a micro-influencer and their followers is not only organic and
relies on engagement, but it is also strengthened by different niches and approaches. For
example, a micro-influencer whose niche is lifestyle has a much different approach to their
follower base than a micro-influencer whose niche is automobiles.

What about the Impact?

You would be surprised to know that most of the time, micro-influencers have a bigger
impact on audiences than mega influencers and even celebrities. With micro-influencers, a
much more engaging audience is present which means higher conversion rates. It is through
the approach of micro-influencers that consumers are influenced, usually by ads that are
noninvasive and feel authentic and genuine to their audience. This is a point of difference
between micro-influencers and those with bigger following as with the latter, paid ads are
regarded as not only ingenuine, but sometimes are ignored altogether.

UAE as the Perfect Environment

The UAE shines with a diverse population whose interests range from culture to travel to
business to lifestyle, and much more. The country, being one of diversity, is considered the perfect landscape for micro-influencers to thrive. Micro-influencers in the UAE understand not
only the culture, but the preferences of their audience. This local insight is a driving force behind
creating content that resonates with their follower base that includes recommendations and
opinions on different products and services. It is through the nationwide understanding of the
impact micro-influencers have that the cycle of marketing continues to turn.

Micro-Influencers for Brand Collaborations

Nowadays, brands recognize the importance of an authentic connection between their
products and services, and their customers. It is through that connection that customers
become returning ones, as well as new ones are converted. The process of conversion through
is one that more often than not is beneficial, as the micro-influencers’ content is precisely what brands want to establish; it’s relatable, authentic, and resonates with
audiences. Consequently, more brands in the UAE are now resorting to micro-influencers for
their marketing campaigns for both long-term outcomes and short-term promotions.

Building a Community

With micro-influencers, a community is the objective. With every content made, a
community of devoted followers is created and strengthened. The content that micro-influencers
create tend to be relatable as well as the behavior of the creator is often natural and with
characteristics that the average consumer can find when looking for a friend. This approach
creates a sense of belonging that establishes trust. With this being the approach and objective, consumers and followers tend to trust the opinion of micro-influencers and can be persuaded and influenced to buy or use certain products and services. In the UAE, the close-level understanding of the audience is what resonates with them. It is through this understanding that a community is not only built, but broadened.

Rising Influence in the UAE

With every passing day, the digital world gets stronger and even more prominent. The
constant rise of digital means ensures a constant shift in the social media dynamics, thus
affecting the influencer marketing approach. This surge in social media has ensured a rise of
micro-influencers, and thus has widely shaped consumer behavior as these micro influencers, with their number of followers, are a powerful force. Additionally, what facilitates the approach in UAE is the proportional nationwide rise of technology and innovation. As the nation moves forward toward innovation, more services are offered and provided, and more niches and expertise are created.

Why Resort to Micro-influencers?

Along with the above-mentioned reasons, with emphasis on authentic connections
between service providers and their customers, and the broadening of audiences, the marketing approach of collaborating with micro-influencers is considered incredibly cost-effective. Brands in the UAE are now reaching out to and working with more micro-influencers than they are reaching out to celebrities, and that is because the results are tangible. Brands are now targeting specific demographics by reaching out to the micro-influencers whose audience is relevant to these objectives. Through consideration, one can rationalize that reaching out to one person is not only a faster process, but more often than not, is a successful approach.

Rising Micro-Influencers

As more brands find appeal in marketing through micro-influencers, more people are
finding the micro-influencing world thrilling. This has resulted in a surge of content creators in
the UAE, with diverse niches and expertise of transformative changes and advancement in
content that further attracts audiences of different ages, genders, and more importantly,
interests. It is now not only possible, but also encouraged to interact with micro-influencers in
order to reach target objectives, because with every passing moment of digital advancement,
the pros list is worth the connection.

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As the shift toward digital means grows, the need for authentic connection rises
proportionally, and that is why it is important to reach out to creators who can offer the needed
help toward genuine relationships. Micro-influencers in the UAE wield the required influence
within their niches that are powerful enough to shape consumer behaviors, start trends, and
play a significant role in the country’s social media landscape.

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