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Rana Hassan

Thursday, February 16, 2023

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising process where you as a person and/or a company earn money by referring conversions to a brand’s website or app. The compensation can be dependent on the number of sales generated, the revenue generated, the number of individual leads acquired, and/or the number of installs brought in.

What is CPX?

Ever considered earning money by promoting your favorite brands on your website, app, blog or social media posts? All you have to do is join CPX as an affiliate and share your coupon or tracking link with your audience. Each sale generated through the tracker will be rewarded by commission into your account.

For advertisers, we aim to acquire the highest quality of high-volume traffic to your brand while our flexible payout models ensure our affiliates deliver the best. We pay commission per order, per sale, per lead - you name it, we got it. Hence the name “Cost per X” or “CPX”. 

How can CPX help you? (USPs)

  1. Fast & Consistent Payments

CPX affiliate takes pride in its payment process. We pay our affiliates on a timely basis & regardless of our advertisers’ revenue.

  1. Highest Conversion Rate

Our data-powered analytics and innovative strategies assure the audience we acquire will convert. Our expertise is your success. 

  1. Risk-Free. Hassle-Free. 

Quality control, affiliate tracking, guidance and communications, payments, unique and localized strategizing - it's all taken care of. Leave that to us. 

  1. We’re Always Here

Our multilingual team ensures round-the-clock support with quickest responses and personalized service to nurture successful relationships. We build all our relationships upon one key ingredient: Trust. 

We Make it Easy for You.

We ensure quality every step of the way, hence we train our affiliates consistently to be able to deliver compelling experiences. Through such procedures, our wide pool of affiliates & influencers are able to drive conversions and influence consumers in a reliable way, hence, building a virtual relationship with your audience.


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