June 8, 2020

5 must-have features for E-Commerce Mobile Apps in MENA

Abdelrahman Darwish
Abdelrahman Darwish
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The newly added impact COVID-19 has played has pushed people to find online shopping to be safer, time-saving, and an always-available method for purchasing.

The region has seen a dramatic increase in active mobile internet users, people prefer using their mobile phones rather than tablets and desktops while shopping, making it a key powerful force of growth in the e-commerce industry. A strong reason why companies should focus on e-commerce mobile Apps in the MENA region and the GCC market and more so especially now.

Here are a few must-haves that will enhance your App traffic, order values, user experience, and ensure your customers’ preference towards your e-commerce App:

1.   Localized Arabic Version for E-Commerce Mobile Apps:

Ensure that your mobile App supports an Arabic version, such as changing your Arabic orientation from left-to-right. Offering localized content in Arabic will be a key differentiator in the GCC market. It provides a personalized experience for Arabic speakers that leads to an increase in users’ trust and credibility towards the brand as you are offering a clear way of communication making users able to search, navigate and engage in their own language. Thus, leading to enhanced user experience.

Localized Arabic Version

2. Instant Customer Support for E-Commerce Mobile Apps:

Customer Support is considered to be an important competitive advantage that can create millions of super-loyal customers. Communicating with your customers real-time increases satisfaction levels and customer retention. Using the live chat feature saves time, increases sales, and customers can multitask while their queries are answered. In fact, large numbers of online shoppers need support to complete their purchase, and hence a must-have feature on the e-commerce App.

3.   Cash on Delivery (COD) for E-Commerce Mobile Apps:

In the Middle East, credit and debit card penetration is much lower and less trusted. Consequently, providing cash on delivery (COD) payment will minimize the risk for both merchants and customers. Although the COVID-19 crisis may slightly shift customer preferences towards cashless payment options as it is considered much safer and more convenient, regardless, COD is still considered as a must-have feature on the e-commerce mobile App. Support multiple payment options to ease the payment stage and make it as smooth as possible to provide faster checkout.

Cash On Delivery

4.  Speedy Delivery:

One of the main features that have contributed to the rise of the e-commerce industry in the KSA, UAE, and GCC regions is providing a speedy delivery service for users. By offering shorter delivery times at affordable prices, customers can expect to receive their orders within a few hours up to a few days, which will increase customers’ satisfaction rates. If your customers are satisfied with the service they experience, they will most likely return for additional future transactions.

5. One-Click Buying

From a user’s perspective, it is a great relief when they can checkout easily without providing too much information. one-click buying allows online shoppers to make an immediate purchase without using the shopping cart, which facilitates the buying process once they have previously entered their preferred payment method. Users will also enjoy a simplified buying option that will build loyalty and enhance customer retention. This easy checkout method is a time saver and favorable for shoppers.

one click


Creating a smooth online shopping experience isn’t easy, but you always have to listen to your customers’ queries and regularly work on App improvements by adding more features, having bugs fixed, and providing an easy interface that will result in smoother navigation. The above features will help e-commerce businesses in the MENA region to build a successful mobile App that provides a remarkable experience for users that will lead to higher customer retention, conversions, and average order value that will truly benefit the business.
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